Transcript of D. Jared Brown’s comments at the February 13th Panel discussion on the Law Society’s Statement of Principles

D. Jared Brown joined, Professor Bruce Pardy of Queen’s Law, Paul Schabas Treasurer of the Law Society, and Paul Saguil, in a panel discussion regarding the Law Society’s new requirement that all licensees prepare a Statement of Principles affirming a duty to promote Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DIE) as a condition of being able to continue practising law in Ontario.

Mr. Brown and Professor Pardy argued that the requirement is unjustified compelled speech and opinion.

Messrs. Schabas and Saguil defended the Law Society measure.

A transcript of Mr. Brown’s comments can be found here:

LSO Panel – Transcript of DJB comments

The Conference Agenda can be found here:

Agenda Final

For further information on the Statement of Principles go to