Phantom Contractors


In an era where organizations increasingly engage consultants, independent contractors, and short term employees, there is a new reality where the contingent workforce of a company can become a nameless faceless entity.

Working from home and remote connection only increase the risk that a company loses track of its workforce.

Both companies and 3rd party organizations that provide contingent workforce management must rise to meet the challenge posed by this disparate, decentralized, and increasingly mercenary workforce.

Thorough onboarding, management, tracking, and checks and balances should be integral components of the normal payroll function.

Take the scenario mentioned by the National Post in the article linked below.  A spanish employee found there wasn’t much for him to do at his job so he simply stopped showing up. He collected wages for 6 years until he managed to win an award for long service. Problem is… no one could find him to present the award.

While potentially a more damning condemnation of government as a competent employer, all large organizations should take heed.

Posted by D. Jared Brown – Lead Counsel


David Bristow Q.C., L.S.M., C.Arb continuing his independent Arbitration and Mediation practice from the offices of Brown Litigation


Brown Litigation is happy to announce that Mr. David I. Bristow Q.C., L.S.M., C.Arb is continuing his arbitration and mediation practice from the offices of Brown Litigation in Yorkville.

Mr. Bristow has been offering his wealth of experience and skills as a litigation lawyer, arbitrator, and mediator from the offices of Brown Litigation since January 2015.

You can learn more about Mr. Bristow and his services at:


D. Jared Brown judges at U of T Upper Year Moot


D. Jared Brown joined Mr. David Bristow Q.C., and Ms. Lise Favreau on a panel adjudicating the U of T upper year moot program regarding a contract law issue.

With the mentorship of ‘Chief Justice’ Favreau, the students performed remarkably well, and everyone including the judges enjoyed the experience.

I was appreciative of being allowed to participate in the program.