Hiring a Lawyer (How much will this cost?)


The apparently widespread mystery of how (and how much) a lawyer may bill for their services is something I regularly tackle in any initial phone call or meeting with a client or potential client.

Many new clients come to us with the mistaken notion that every lawyer has an hourly rate that they will charge as they endlessly run the clock on any manner of task, thought, or work output on a client file.

However, professional, competent counsel will provide a client with the same (if not higher) level of cost disclosure, cost certainty, and value that a client would receive from any reputable or professional business with which they transact.

At Brown Litigation, we advise clients upfront of the optimal method of billing for the particular matter, our rates, and most importantly a full written litigation cost estimate setting out our understanding of the facts, our opinion on those facts, a proposed litigation strategy, overview of the process, and cost estimates for each step in the process and for the matter as a whole in the event the matter must proceed through to trial.

While many lawyers will correctly advise clients that it is very difficult to estimate legal fees in litigation matters, it remains possible to do so and any client would be correct to expect a relatively detailed and accurate assessment upfront.

D. Jared Brown – Lead Counsel